Custom Mouthguards

Custom mouthguards

Our team at Narrogin dental group provides all kinds of solutions for your family dental needs to keep your healthy smiles for life. If you or your child participate in sports especially contact sports, you must protect your teeth from injury. To protect your mouth from drama we offer custom created mouth guards that can protect you while in practise or during the match. They can help avoid injury which can affect teeth, gums, cheeks, jaw, neck and head.

Why choose a professional mouthguard?

You would’ve probably come across boil and bite mouthguard kids at the chemist where you have to dip it in boiling water, I bite on it for it to set. You will find that this fit is not snug and the mouth guards which are made for everybody are quite bulky. These more gods will not provide the level of protection you need while playing sport. On the other hand,mouthguards which are custom made provide superior protection and snug fit. The more guards we make closely wrap around each tooth protecting them from being knocked out, fracturing and avoiding the risk of busted lip. How are professionally made devices can also reduce your chance to have a concussion.

What to Expect in Getting a Mouthguard

Just a single appointment is needed to have your mouthguard created for you. During the appointment we will take impressions of your teethwith a very precise impression material. These impressions are sent to a local lab who fabricates the mouth guard. We will contact you as soon as we have the mouth guard for you to pick up.

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