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Comprehensive family dental care

An attractive and a healthy smile is a crucial part of everyone’s life. We at Active Dental Care are committed to provide the best care for our patients. (Every patient gets a comprehensive exam as a start, followed by a detailed study done to know the status and requirements of the patient.) A treatment plan to suit every patient is then tailored and explained. This is the best way to allow our dentists to help all our patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health.


It is a thorough examination of the teeth, gums, soft tissues and structures surrounding the oral cavity. In order to assess, diagnose, propose and provide the best possible treatment, our dentists will routinely recommend x-rays and photographs to acquire additional information. Our main objective is to educate and empower the patients to make the right decision and to fit their needs. (We discuss the personalised treatment plan in detail with all the options detailed.) We understand everyone’s needs can be different and therefore take every opportunity to understand our patients and support their choice. 

Gum health

Gum disease is slow and mostly painless, and most patients do not realize theunderlying damage it does over a period before the teeth become loose. It isone of the most common reasons for tooth loss.If diagnosed and treated early, gum disease is a reversible condition, and ittakes simple measures to keep it at bay. By regularly seeing a dentalprofessional, gum disease is simple and easy to treat. By delaying the process,most gum disease progresses deeper into the bone and causes irreversibledamage. The bone which is the support system of teeth will then becompromised and cause tooth/teeth loss. Periodontal clean is a deep cleanthat not only removes plaque on tooth surfaces but also the adamant stickyand stubborn plaque which is on root surface of teeth below the gum line. Bymonitoring at a regular interval, gum health can be optimal thereby reducingthe risk of gum disease to a great extent.Speak to our dentists who can explain the ill effects of bacterial plaque whichnot only causes dental plaque but also gum disease.Our dentists will educate all our patients when they come for their activemaintenance appointments which will help to prevent gum disease.

Teeth restorations

Tooth colored fillings/composite restorations: Composites are glass based, Tooth like filling materials which restore function and natural appearance there- by enhancing its cosmetic value along with function. These materials are direct restorations which are done to suit the natural tooth’s color and shape. These materials are ideal for smaller fillings, chips, cracks and can be completed within a single appointment.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, safe and effective method of achieving a whiterand brighter smile. Usually, this procedure can be done in two ways. It isimperative to get the teeth/gums and oral health assessed before startingteeth bleaching. Teeth whitening is effective on natural tooth enamel and willnot brighten/whiten the previous restorations.Home whitening kit – This is a technique that patients can do themselves inthe leisure of their homes, so it is dependent on their compliance. Bleachingtrays are issued after careful assessment of the current oral health. Allinstructions are given along with the home whitening kit. Patients must wearthe bleaching trays for a specified time each day and it usually takes 14-21 daysto see desired results.In chair teeth whitening – This technique is more popular because it is done bythe dentist safely and is longer lasting. It is quick, easy and well tolerated bymost patients. Since the bleach concentration is much higher than homewhitening kit, it must be done by a trained dental professional. The end resultwill depend on various factors and most patients leave the dental practice witha brighter, confident smile that they love!

Same day fillings crowns

Crowns are porcelain caps which covers the whole tooth. It will reinforce andstrengthen any natural tooth. They are made in house to suit thecolor and shape of the tooth. Crowns can be made of various materials, and itis best to discuss what type of crown suits you with your dentist. Thisprocedure is done in two appointments spread out on the same day.This is going to reduce the chair time for ourpatients and the whole procedure can be completed in a single day!!

Bridge is ideally done when there is a missing space in between teeth. Bridgesare a fixed type of replacement option which serves function and aesthetics.They are a twostep procedure like crowns and need to be manufactured in adental laboratory. A Bridge is a long-term replacement option but as they aresupported by natural teeth and gums, it is critical to maintain a good oralhygiene routine around them. Dentists at Active Dental Care will guide you tomaintain a good home regimen and will review the area at regular checkupsand maintenance appointments to monitor the status.


Dentures are one of the widely preferred replacement options for missingteeth. They are an excellent option which restore function and help tomaintain appearance of missing teeth. They can replace either one or moreteeth.Dentures usually are in the form of partial dentures or full dentures. Whilepartial dentures can be made of acrylic or metal, full dentures are usuallymade in acrylic. They provide support to cheeks and lips and most patients getadapted quickly to well-fitting dentures.

Since every mouth is subjected to a very dynamic environment of its lifetime, itis important to get the dentures checked regularly to make sure they fit welland have been maintained hygienically to maintain good overall oral health.


All dentists at Active Dental Care believe that saving a tooth is better thanremoving it but if there are unforeseen circumstances where extractions becomemandatory, we do provide the service of removing teeth in the most painlessway. All teeth that need extraction need to be assessed first and radiologicalevidence will be required. Depending on the complexity of the case, ourdentists will discuss the best way to go forward for a best healing outcome forour patients. Dentists will discuss costs prior to starting the procedure.

Children dentistry

There is never an ideal time to start seeing a dentist! However young yourchildren are, they are welcome to visit the practice with you just to spendsome time sitting on the chair and get used to the dentist and the equipmentwe have!We always believe the younger they see a dentist, more motivated, co-operative and relaxed they will be when they grow up. Our team will do theirbest to relax them and build trust and confidence in us whilst making it a funexperience.We believe in educating them to maintain their pearly whites for life and willdemonstrate the correct toothbrushing technique in every maintenance visitto make sure they do the right thing.Recognizing any underlying issues related to teeth will lead to earlyintervention, possible referral and treatment by a specialist. We are welltrained in handling kids of all ages and look forward to seeing your little ones!


Root canal therapy is one of the procedures involving removal of infected orinjured nerve from the inside of the tooth. It is a very common procedure doneto save the tooth from extraction and restore function. The procedure is verydetailed and is usually completed in multiple appointments. Every stage isexplained with the help of x rays done during every visit so patient can totallyunderstand the procedure.Most root canal treated teeth need crowns to support them from the outside toreinforce strength and maintain function/appearance.

Emergency dentistry

We at Active Dental Care have emergency slots for patients calling us fortoothache/swelling or a broken tooth. Our friendly A-team will help youschedule a suitable time to see our dentists to get you out of pain and providequality dental treatment.During the initial consultation, a full and thorough explanation will be providedwith treatment options. Before we go ahead with treatment, we discuss pros,cons and costs of the treatment and take all patient’s life aspects intoconsideration. Our dentists will ensure you understand every possibility andmake an informed decision before going ahead with proposed treatment.Once the pain is addressed and treated accordingly, we also encouragepatients to come back for a comprehensive exam where we can discuss thebest treatment to maintain and achieve optimal health of your oral cavity forthe years to come.

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